JOBURG WATER ACCOUNT QUERIES 084 310 3313 are your specialists to determine why you have a problem with your COJ water account and to resolve it.

Joburg Account Queries

New water meter installtion

JOBURG NEW WATER METER INSTALLATIONS 084 310 3313 are your hands on agents to apply for and install new water meters when required in Joburg.

Joburg new water meter installtion
Joburg new water meter installtion


JOBURG BUILDING PLANS 084 310 3313 obtains copies of building plans for property owners and property developers in Joburg

Joburg building plans
Joburg building plans


JOBURG NEW ELECTRICITY METER INSTALLATION 084 310 3313 are your specialists to apply for and arrange for the installation of pre paid and post paid electricity meters in Joburg

Joburg new electricity meter installations
Joburg new electricity meter installations


JOBURG RATES CLEARANCE CERTIFICATES 084 310 3313 are your specialists to request and obtain Rates clearance certificates from COJ.

Joburg rates clearance certificates
Joburg rates clearance certificates


JOBURG ASSESSMENT RATES 084 310 3313 are your service providers to reduce your JHB account to a minimum.

Joburg assessment rates
Joburg assessment rates


JOBURG ELECTRICITY ACCOUNT QUERIES 084 310 3313 is dealt with by our electricity account resolution team headed by the City Power Liaison manager to obtain the speediest resolution of electricity account queries.

Joburg electricity account queries
Joburg electricity account queries


JOBURG ZONING CERTIFICATES 084 310 3313 request and obtain zoning certificates for property developers, architects and developers to determine the allowable use for properties in Joburg.

Joburg zoning certificates
Joburg zoning certificates
WhatsApp Joburg Terms and Conditions

Joburg Terms and Conditions

Joburg Terms and Conditions

Joburg Terms and Conditions


1. Your instructions to JOBURG ACCOUNT QUERIES are conditional on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms as set out below.
2. The Terms and Conditions hereof shall apply to all contracts for our Services and shall only be amended by email sent from ourselves or confirmed by us in writing.
3. The fees due to us, is payable even if the client or any other consultant assisted with the conclusion of the matter. No cancelation of this agreement will be effective if the cancellation was not agreed to in writing and signed by JOBURG ACCOUNT QUERIES.
4. Our fees are due and payable upon completion of the work and billing on COJ statement. Invoices are payable upon presentation of an invoice.
5. If more than 1 matter must be attended to, or if there was a quote for different steps, then matter or each step may be debited upon completion of that matter.
6. VAT, if applicable, is payable in addition to the fees applicable.
7. The normal fees are as follows:
7.1 “Saving” and “saving to client” means the net value of the journal or, if it is not clear from the statement, amount due per the COJ invoice on the statement before the correction PLUS the debit for the current month LESS the amount due on the statement fo the current month.
7.2 Saving on re-occurring debits means the debit calculated on the old tariff for the second month of actual billing after a value or tariff correction for a period of 30 days less than the debit as per the current statement. If theirr is a saving on previous debits and a recuring debt JOBURG ACCOUNT QUERIES will debit for the saving as well as for the recuring savings.
7.3 The debit and saving includes VAT and the 2% Business Surcharge, if debited by COJ.
7.4 The normal fees, if not otherwise agreed in writing between JOBURG ACCOUNT QUERIES are as follows:
7.4.1 To obtain and load job cards - R1 250,00
7.4.2 To obtain and upload downloads from City Power- R1 250,00.
7.4.3 Account corrections - the fees per 7.5.1 and 7.5.2 plus 10% of the saving

7.4.4 Section 118 figures - 10% of the saving
7.4.5 Obtain copies of Zoning Certificates and copies of Building Plans - R600 per property.
7.4.6 New water and electricity connections and upgrade or downgrade of services -R15 000,00 per connection payable upon installation of services.
7.4.7 Application for pre-paid electricity meters - Cost of City Power plus R2500,00 payable upon cessation of billing for electricity by COJ
7.4.8 Clearance certificates - R750 per property payable upon payment to COJ.
7.4.9 Load actual readings - The fees as per 7.5.3. If there is no saving, JOBURG ACCOUNT QUERIES will conclude all the above work FREE OF
7.4.10 On Assessment Rate corrections - (both on value and category) - 10% of the saving to client over the expired and the remainder of the Valuation Roll. The fee is payable when the correction appears on the first statement. For future debits, it will be deemed that future debits are debited at the month of corrections.
7.4.11 Refunds - the higher of R750,00 or 10% of the refund.
7.4.12 On recurring tariff corrections (water and electricity tariff corrections), JOBURG ACCOUNT QUERIES will debit fees as per 7.5.3 plus 2 x the monthly saving as per 7.2.

8. Invoices from JOBURG ACCOUNT QUERIES are payable upon presentation. The client choose address for services of documents at a property for which the correction must be made.

9. It will be deemed that the agreement between JOBURG ACCOUNT QUERIES and the client is concluded at 1 Vorster Ave, Glenanda, Johannesburg.

10. It will be deemed that correspondence snd to the clients email address furnished by him is received by him on the day of despatch of the mail from JOBURG ACCOUNT QUERIES to the client.